Anti-Aging Ingredients × Micro-Current Effect

Selected leading anti-aging ingredients will penetrates deep into skin,
by micro-current effect generated from precious stones and gemstones.
Feeling the same technic and comfort of a professional therapist.
A one step simple care of only ten seconds a day will lead to resilient,
glowing, clear and youthful skin.

What is a micro-current? Micro-current is a low-level current which has a similar characteristic to the body’s natural current. It is said to be effective to human health and beauty by enhancing the acitivies of the human cells.
Micro-current is used at beauty salons to improve the penetration of beauty ingredients into the skin.

These advanced beauty ingredients bring
beautiful synergy to your skin.
Contains plentiful most advanced anti-aging ingredients, including malus domestica fruit cell culture extract.
Interactively effecting together, it generates beautiful skin circulation.

An advanced beauty ingredients brings beautiful synergy.

Precious ingredients which support
the penetration of effective ingredients
Ingredients such as precious stones and gemstones generates micro-current effect
which enhances skin’s metabolic rate, and also enhances strength of penetration.

Micro-current ingredients


Effortless Line:
Beautiful skin in no time